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Farah clothing originated in Texas USA as a workwear manufactor back in 1920, with this in mind they know a thing or two about contrusting well manfactured durable clothing. This has been a key factor why Farah Clothing has been around so long as they still use key manfacturing technics whilst making Farah clothing to this day.

Farah clothing may have been born in the USA but it was not until it was re-born in the UK in the 1970's that it made its mark and became every little bit an iconic British Brand. 

Farah clothing is well known for its styling of the mods, rude boys, casuals and 90's indie rock scene with their Farah Shirts, Farah Jackets, Farah Chinos & Farah T-Shirts. All of which made the famous F tab their own.

Now move to current day where Farah Jackets, Farah Shirts, Farah Polo Shirts, Farah ChinosFarah T-Shirts, Farah Jumpers & Farah Jeans are well needed item for any mans casual wardrobe.

farah shirts

Farah Shirts


farah polo shirts


Farah Polo Shirts


farah t-shirts


Farah T-Shirts


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Farah Chinos


farah jumpers


Farah Jumpers


farah jackets


Farah Jackets



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