Barker Shoes

barker shoes

Barker shoes have a distinguished history and have been making exceptional footwear in England for over a century. Only the most select leathers are hand picked and the uppers are, still to this day, shaped on the last by hand. There are an abundance of time honoured techniques that continue to be carried out by Barker Shoes skilled craftsmen which include slow natural drying and polishing. This is why each and every shoe produced by Barker Shoes has an individuality & character that cannot be equalled by machine made shoes.

Our Top Picks of Barker ShoesBarker Shoes

We have hand picked some of our favourite Barker Shoes from the Creative Collection. This is a great place to start for a guide on selecting your first pair of Barker shoes.

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Barker BroguesBarker Brogues

Barker brogues are the statement in mens shoes. Barker shoes are world renowned for their handmade shoes & in particular their brogues. Take a look at them here.

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Barker McCleanBarker McClean

Barker McClean is currently the most popular & recognisable design from Barker shoes. With its wingtip detail & suede inserts it is now available in a variety of colours. 

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Barker BootsBarker Boots

Barker boots are beautifully constructed by hand giving them a finish like no other boot. Their slender Barker Chelsea boot is our best seller and is a must have in every mans wardrobe. 

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Barker ValiantBarker Valiant

Barker Valiant is now becoming one of Barker Shoes more popular mens shoes, with its brogues design & vibrant hand painted colour finishes. It is becoming the more go to barker brogue to make heads turn, check out the colours here!

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Barker LennonBarker Lennon

Barker Lennon is an adaption of the ever popular Barker Valiant. With its full leather barker brogue base hand painted to a vibrant colour & its upper finished in a canvas. This gives Barker Lennon a beautiful casual feel. 

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Barker Shoes Origins:

Barker Shoes was established as a company back in 1880 by founder Arthur Barker. Arthur was a hand sewn man, which means he personally made the shoes by hand and enlisted a variety of homeworkers to carry out the more basic stages & less skilled processes involved in making a fine pair of shoes. Arthur's original workshop could be found at the bottom of his garden in North Road, Earls Barton.

Barker Shoes

By 1905 Barker Shoes business had developed so much that Arthur & his sons moved from the garden workshop to a small factory on Station Road. Eldest son Charles became a leather merchant and together they all began to bring all of the previously out sourced parts of the shoe making under one roof. Helped by contracts received to make world war 1 army boots.

By 1920 Barker Shoes had grown almost unrecognisable and was exporting around the world. In 1921 Arthur Barker, founder & "Grandfather" of the Barker Shoes Brand passed away.

After World War 2 Barker Shoes expanded in Earl's Barton by opening a new factory on Station Road which helped cope with demand of the developing brand.

Today Barker Shoes has increasingly become a desirable brand for the discerning gentleman. Genuine quality & distinction is found much less often in these days of disposable fashion. However, you can rest assured Barker Shoes will always employ the very highest standards of shoe making as they have done for 135 years.