Overcoat for Men

Overcoat For Men 

That statement piece of outwear that can be the key piece to a gentleman’s winter wardrobe, the overcoat. These days there is a huge amount of choice starting with the cheap, entry level overcoats. These are mostly found online or at men’s shops that look exactly as they did when your Dad was shopping there 30 years ago! 

To be fair the style of some of these overcoats are quite attractive. However, the raw materials used to make the garments are manmade which means that although they may look well in the shop or on the computer screen the shape and overall look will take a nosedive within the first few weeks and certainly months of purchase. They also don’t offer the same heat retention as cashmerequilted or a wool overcoat and surely that’s more than half the reason for making the purchase in the first place? 

The next level I like to call the mid-range overcoat which is a collection of overcoats ranging from around £150 - £300 and encompasses all the style and colour options most gents are searching for at this time of year. This is the range of overcoats that we stock in abundance and are available for sale in our retail shops and on our website. 

They include the latest collections from brands such as Remus Uomo, Herbie Frogg & Magee. 

If you are willing to spend a little more on your overcoatwhich is very likely to be your go to piece for years to come, we can offer a Made To Measure service which include luxurious fabrics such as full cashmere & worsted wool. Our resident tailors love to chat about all things fabric related so please do get in touch and we can show you the huge range of options available when choosing a custom made overcoat. 

 overcoat custom made

Below we have outlined the different styles and colour options available for Autumn/Winter 2020. 


This is the overcoat that you will have seen out & about, on public transport, in the pub after work and even at the weekend countless times. The car coat has an historical relevance dating right back to the very start of mass automobile manufacture and purchase but that’s really not much use to the modern gent looking for a warm, stylish option for the colder weather moving in. In this day and age the Car Coat relates to the shortest of the overcoats available to buy. It should comfortably cover your suit jacket or blazer but stays well above your knee making it much more practical to jump in & out of the car than the Mid length or Full length overcoat. Our go to Car Coat and the one we sell most of is undoubtedly style Lohmann by Remus Uomo. It has a fantastic range of colours available and is a lovely tailored fit that runs from a 36” to a 50” chest in the main colour ways. 


Mid Length Overcoat

This is another very popular style of men’s overcoat in which we offer a large range. The Mid Length overcoat generally sits just above or below your knee. It is very easy to wear over your suit for the day to day commute and can just as easily be worn over a shirt or jumper with your favourite pair of trainers. 

You can view, in our shops or online, a number of beautiful Mid Length overcoats by Herbie Frogg which include Wool/Cashmere mix composition as well as the excellent water resistant Mac available in Navy & Camel. 


Full Length Overcoat 

The full length overcoat is the most traditional or classic style of overcoat and some gentlemen will quite simply not be able to look passed it. This overcoat finishes half way down your calf or can go as far as your ankle. This is an overcoat that we will bring in from select suppliers as & when we need to. They are quite simply not the “in thing” right now and any that I have seen on my travels to menswear trade shows and visits to warehouses or shops UK wide are a very loose and unflattering fit. Not one we would recommend unfortunately. 


Which Colour Overcoat? 

A question that can be asked about many things not just your next overcoat, but I digress! I suppose the first question you should ask yourself is what occasion am I purchasing the overcoat for?  

  • The Office 
  • Formal Event  
  • Smart day to day wear 
  • Funeral   

The Black Overcoat should be worn exclusively to a funeral or formal event in the autumn or winter. Some people may say that they like to wear it to the office, which is perfectly ok but in my opinion the variety of grey & navy that is available today make them a much more attractive option. Have a look yourself at the range of colours, textures and finishes that include checks, tweeds and more. The plain overcoats in the darker colours are very acceptable at any funeral or other event that you feel you require an overcoat for and will keep you looking smart and respectable. And please lets dispel the myth right now that a navy overcoat can not be worn with black shoes. In 99% of cases it just quite simply isn’t true!  


So, which overcoat do I choose? 

For the most versatile options I would look at the plain colours in the Car Coat or Mid Length styles. Navy & grey are staples that can come out of the wardrobe in years to come and can be worn with all manner of suits, jeans, chinos, shoes & trainers. Think about what you have in your own wardrobe. If there are any colours you tend to stick with an overcoat that will compliment them is a good choice. Although, as I have already said, navy and grey go with most things. An alternative to the navy & grey and another firm favourite of ours is the Dark Red introduced by Remus Uomo. It is a sumptuous colour that seems to be tailor made for cold, crisp winter days.  

With any of these outer layers in your arsenal for the colder months moving in we know you won’t be disappointed and with their undoubted quality they will be at your fashion disposal for years to come.